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Here are several of the most popular API integration tools that you should consider using for your business operations. To that effect, API integration tools help internal teams build, manage, and publish APIs. You can also run testing, prepare documentation, as well as secure and monitor APIs via API integration tools. APIs are a back-end structure, so it’s not a tool that you’ll likely ever see in person — unless you’re a coder, of course. API integration tools can play a helpful part in scaling your business.

This is also sometimes called client-side or browser-side development. This article introduces backend development and lets you know how to start as a developer. Build job-ready back-end development skills with the Meta Back-End Developer professional certificate, and earn a credential from Meta. Although all of these tools can be useful, it’s more important to find the right tools for your specific job tasks.

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The best way to learn these languages is through interactive courses. They oversee building the structure that a software application has. Backend engineers spend time writing server scripts and APIs that front-end engineers and UX designers will later use. The day-to-day backend engineering consists of optimizing servers for speed and stability, ensuring the structure is secure, and generating reusable code libraries and data storage solutions.

Back-end Engineer skills

However, the biggest highlight of this programming language is that it supports different programming styles, and it provides excellent data visualizations. The language has expansive data libraries that make visualization easy and development speedy. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are three of the most crucial programming languages for web development. And despite these being often used on the front-end, they’re still useful for back-end engineers. Engineers are some of the highest paid roles in the tech community. A high-level senior engineer can make an upwards of $500k+ at a bit tech company.

Who is a Backend Developer?

However, the roles and responsibilities of backend engineers are not limited to this. They also create the system’s backend, which includes application logic, databases, servers, and APIs. Backend engineers have a set of skills that are necessary to perform their jobs efficiently.

Back-end Engineer skills

They handle both the front-end integration and the server-side logic. Their prime duty is defining and maintaining the central database, ensuring it performs well and reacts quickly to requests. A backend developer is one who makes use of the technology required to develop the products for the backend of any website. A backend developer is responsible for building the structure of a software application. As explained above, back-end developers often deal with the data of a website. So, they must have solid knowledge in the management of databases.

Hiring Software Developers: On-Site vs. Remote

It’s the product managers’ role to decide prioritization of development work based on a function of importance, function and visibility. Not every job involves working directly with other people all day. Back-end web developers often need time alone to update the server correctly or fix glitches. Those with superior technical skills are necessary to keep everything running smoothly, and those with great people skills are required to keep customers and business partners happy.

  • However, the roles and responsibilities of backend engineers are not limited to this.
  • The best thing about Django is that it enables rapid app development with less code and time.
  • As the world continues to technologically advance, the demand for back-end developers and engineers continues to grow.
  • Successful projects rely on clear discussions and idea exchanges.
  • Its central importance to our digital world means web developers are in high demand.

If you want to become a backend developer for WordPress, PHP is a good place to begin. 78% of developers say it’s their go-to place to look for job openings. Be prepared to talk to an interviewer about times you successfully collaborated on a project or led a team.

Version Control and Version Control Systems ‍

It is trending and has been resembled as one of the most desired jobs. But first, you need to understand the basics of backend development. A successful roadmap in backend development will start from the base itself i.e. in-depth knowledge of programming languages and will go along to applying it in real projects. Besides this fact, it is not mandated that every backend developer needs to follow the same strategy. Certain skill sets will define your career in backend development and those are the fundamental ones. So, today, we’re going to discuss the top 10 skills which are required to become a successful backend developer.

While API integrations don’t get as much hype as a programming language or software framework might, they are just as important to the software development process. Day-to-day responsibilities include optimizing servers for speed and stability, ensuring best cybersecurity practices, and generating reusable code libraries. They will also oversee projects and collaborate with front-end developers to ensure the usability of front-side applications. Interview Kickstart offers a comprehensive backend interview preparation course focused on helping engineers crack backend developer interviews at FAANG+ companies. Spending at least two-three weeks preparing design concepts is highly recommended, especially if you’re preparing for senior engineer interviews.

Back-end developer vs. back-end engineer

Examples of database management systems that use SQL are MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. The good news is that most backend developers are happy with what they do. Of course, you can expect to make more money as you gain experience. For example, the average entry-level backend developer makes $61,042, while the average backend developer with five to nine years of experience makes $95,000. ‍In order to be a good backend developer, you need to speak the language, and when it comes to programming, language is everything. Back-end developers are required to have technical expertise, analytical thinking, and excellent collaboration skills.

You and your team will need to make the necessary adjustments to deliver the new feature as promised while also protecting ongoing processes. Such flexibility requires creativity and the ability to remain calm under pressure. Mastering this soft skill helps you troubleshoot issues as they arise. No matter how secure your server is or how strong a system your team builds, there is always a chance that something will occur that you didn’t expect. While there is job security in knowing how to do something that many people don’t understand, there is often a need to explain what you are doing and how it works to others. Most web developers may thrive in environments where they can work independently, but sometimes you may need to collaborate with others.

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