Manually Defragmenting my Hard Disk Technical Support Services

Thankfully, Windows 11 has made it easier than ever to keep track of power consumption, Sleep Mode and detecting what apps are draining your device’s battery life. It’s worth remembering that Windows 11 is the first major upgrade to the software platform since the launch of Windows 10 back in July 2015, and so marks a crucial point for Microsoft. There are numerous benefits to Windows 11 Pro, though mostly security related to protect businesses and organizations to keep data safe, with features like Windows Information Protection . Regardless of what your preference may be, both have the same minimum system requirements so you’ll need to meet those standards regardless of what version you side with.

Switch to Tool tab then click on “Optimize” under Optimize and defragment the drive. Now, specify the frequency of automatic optimization by choosing one of the options from the drop-down menu. First, open This PC to see the full list of drives and partitions available on your computer. In the “Optimize Drives” window you will find the option to “Change settings”. For the normal course of the process, I advise that the disk has a free space of 10% of the total memory. To leave the system alone until Windows finishes defragmenting the drive.

In order to change the type of of selection the Snipping Tool will use to create a snip you would click on the small down arrow menu next to the New button. Snipping tool editor provides many tools to edit images, such as pen tool, highlighter tool and eraser tool. Apart from these editing tools, there is an option to send image to others via mail. On clicking the image you will be redirected to Microsoft Outlook.

Don’t defrag an SSD

Now that the snip is created, if you want to draw on the picture with your mouse or stylus you can click on the Tools menu and then select the Pen you would like to draw with. If you want to highlight certain parts of the picture you can click on the Tools menu and select Highlighter. Last, but not least, if you want to remove anything that you drew with the pen or highlighted, you can click on the Tools menu and select the Eraser to do so.

  • These files can be safely moved when the operating system is not in use.
  • Just press the correct key combination to open the editor.
  • Browse other questions tagged windows windows-8 screenshot or ask your own question.
  • Through the app, you’re able to set the mode and size for the screenshot and take the shot right away or with a time delay.

One of the most notable changes with Windows 11 is how it looks. The Start menu is no longer in the bottom-left corner of your screen, but it the center. The Taskbar is now centered at the bottom of the screen, making it look similar to the Dock on a Mac, and it has a cleaner look .

Why is my Windows 10 computer so slow?

This is the time when Offline Defragmentation is required. An Offline Defrag, performed using the Eseutil.exe tool, essentially creates a new temporary mail store and copies all data from the existing mail store into the new mail store file. It then purges the old mail store from disk, then performs a rename on the new mail store so its name matches the name of the old mail store. This reorganises the data in the store and reduces the size of the store if a large amount of whitespace was present.

How to Delete a Write-Protected File

If you want more annotation tools, install Snip & Sketch. If you see a widget called Capture already, you can skip this step. If not, click the widget menu at the top-left corner of the Game Bar at the top of the screen, and then select Capture. If the window is already open, click its title bar at the top to make sure it’s selected.

Feel free to use whatever method that’s convenient for you. Under the “Shortcuts” section, click the Change in settings option for the Print Screen shortcut setting. Multiple windows — Launches a new instance of the app for each capture. Once you complete the steps, the screenshot will save on the computer. Click the Copy button from the top right to copy the image to the clipboard and paste it onto Read more a document. Use the Ballpoint pen, Highlighter, or Touch Writing features to annotate the image.

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