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Concluding, I just want to say if you want to avail of Android app development services, you can hire Android app developers from Quantumsoftech. We offer flexible Android app development services that help businesses to grow in the potential market. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that compiles to the Java Virtual machine byte code. Being an Android app development company, Quantumsoftech added Kotlin to its specialization as an alternative to the traditional programming languages. Kotlin also supports properties with getters and setters, simplifying accessing fields in a class without writing additional code. Additionally, Kotlin has extensions that add helpful functions to existing classes and objects, further reducing the boilerplate code needed for common tasks.

  • Here are some advantages of using Kotlin for app development.
  • The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) plugin allows developers to enable many features than Java.
  • Coroutines also simplify error handling and exception propagation in asynchronous code.
  • You just need to check the ‘Include Kotlin Support’ box while configuring your new project in Android studio and you are done then.
  • To add Kotlin to Android application development in the past, Android app developers had to use a plugin.
  • Kotlin also provides a non-null assertion operator (!!) that allows developers to force a NullPointerException if a nullable object is null.

Therefore, you can mix and match code as necessary without your app breaking, as opposed to completely rewriting your Java application in Kotlin. And now all the leasing tech giants are shifting from Java to Kotlin. Because of its modern language support for Android app development. And with google’s support, the language is rising with great force. Kotlin helps developers to build server-side, desktop, mobile, and web applications. Java is a mature language serving developers for more than a decade.

Reduces Boilerplate Code

It contains instances from the language of Pascal and is considered as very influential in the development of Kotlin. Elements like parameter lists and variable declarations with the data type following a variable could also be in Kotlin. Google’s commitment means Android Studio 3.0 fully supports Kotlin development, so you can get started without needing to learn a new tool. You can convert between Java and Kotlin code through a simple button click within Android Studio. (Many of our own developers on the Android team have been saying similar things.) … The Android community has spoken and we listened.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company

As said, Kotlin is open-source, and this makes it easy for the developers to get a core product development. Also, the Kotlin team provides excellent support to the developers for any issue. This way, customers can get a high-quality application with desired features. Hassle-free coding with less writing — While offering Android app development service to the clients, you used to code in Java and need to write everything in detail.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Kotlin App Development

The programming language is officially supported by Google to write Android apps, which is reason enough to switch to Kotlin for any kind of Android app development. Java is, undoubtedly, the most widely used and popular programming language for Android App Development. The programmers or the app developers have been using Java for many years for Android app development.

Among the newly emerged frameworks, Kotlin seems more functional, powerful, and easy to use compared to other frameworks including Java for Android app development. Java is still an official programming language yet Kotlin is winning the game continuously with its concise and feature-packed development tools. To develop smart, simple, and advanced applications that stand superior to the existing apps, there is no better choice than Kotlin. To accomplish any task, Java often requires numerous lines of code in a specific order. The main benefit of using Kotlin for android app development is that you can achieve the same goals with fewer lines of code. By eliminating long-line code, developers can focus on more important issues that are more likely to contribute to the success of the project.

Applications Built Using Kotlin Language

In the past few years, if the developers were asked which language they prefer the most for Android app development, the answer would be the same for everyone – Java. Back https://www.globalcloudteam.com/10-reasons-why-you-need-kotlin-development-company/ then, Java was the king and the only language ruling the Android app development industry. Many of the most popular applications are designed and developed using Java.

Refer this section to discover the top 10 reasons or benefits that make Kotlin a popular choice amongst developers for app development. The major application of Kotlin can be seen at the server-side, along with the Android app development. Recently, Kotlin has undergone many improvisations that make it a robust programming language when compared to others such as Java. This article covers the programming language that is huge in demand, especially for Android app development, i.e. Not only will you get a clear understanding of Kotlin, but will also discover the important factors that contribute to all the hype that it has created in the market. This way, they can easily set up the application and save time for both themselves and customers.

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Kotlin allows you to write more concise and user-friendly code than Java. It is one of the primary advantages of using Kotlin to help with Android applications. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ Because Google intends to change the platform to Kotlin, many programmers have chosen Kotlin for Android app development and programming.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin Development Company

One of its key features is productive programming, which allows you to reuse code across multiple platforms. So, engineers invest half of their time to correct Null exceptions. But because Kotlin can handle these Nulls through data references.

Kotlin is Multi-Platform

Kotlin is 100% interoperable with Java, so apps you’ve already built can be migrated to Kotlin incrementally. Extension functions give you a way to add functionality to existing classes (even Java classes) without a full rewrite to Kotlin. This means you can take advantage of Kotlin’s powerful features without having to abandon all the skills you’ve gained while building existing apps. Kotlin improves the quality of your released apps through “safety” features that have been designed to reduce the number of bugs and system failures. For example, it has a strong type system based on null-safety. This means by default, variables can’t be null, so you can catch more errors at compile-time before shipping to users.

Common coding errors and bugs will be completely eliminated with Kotlin’s clear coding. Its coding is more compact and cautious that it alerts the developers whenever a potential bug arises. Let us try to understand what are the other major reasons for Kotlin’s striding success and why it is preferred over the former Android app development king “Java”. The basis of Android Studio lies in JetBrains’ Concept IntelliJ framework. Kotlin reached version 1.0 in 2016 after five years of existence. The following year, in 2017, Google announced Kotlin support as a first-class Android programming language.

It’s officially supported by Google for Android development

Moreover, the existing libraries help the developers in every project. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language, which complies to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) byte code. However, it’s been three years now, and since then the popularity of Kotlin has only increased. It’s easy to adopt and one of the fastest-growing languages after Swift. Android app developers are now relying on this Kotlin due to its less maintainable, concise and error-free features.

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